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Tamara has been a storyteller all of her life. During her formative years she used writing and drawing as a form of self therapy, losing herself in a magical world where she created happiness through her characters. As she grew older she suppressed her artistic side thinking it wasn’t “sensible”, or “responsible”.  But her artistic calling wouldn’t let her off the hook so easily. Living at the core of who she really is, art and imagination nagged her to create again.

Now, she lives her life creating stories, imagining her reality and making it happen, connecting with other whimsically inclined people, and loving her journey. 

She’s currently working on a young adult fiction novel and creating mixed media art. 

Her Published Work page features just a handful of the many articles  she’s published in the local paper, newsletters, and online journals.


Always looking for creative projects and outlets, she’s willing to consider writing collaborations and more.  Please contact her at TAMARAAUTHOR@GMAIL.COM and don’t forget to subscribe!




The illustration shows the girl who admires the star sky