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As previously mentioned the past months have taken me on different writing journeys.  One of them has been Mind Key, a community where artists, writers, healers and anyone who has a passion for life, shares their knowledge and path experience to better enrich others around the world.  As a contributing writer, Mind Key has offered me a place to hone my writing skills, explore myself as a writer, and share talents and creativity with others.  With that in mind, Mind Key is always working on creative projects.  Below you will find an exciting new update on one of them.

As the Mind Key Project continues to grow and evolve, we are looking ahead at some exciting collaborations. One of them is the second edition of the Mind Key Anthology, a collection of art, stories and poems that reflect Mind Key’s passion for life and discovery to one’s purpose.

The first edition of “The Mind Key Project: An Anthology” attracted the exquisite work of many artists and writers, all of which contributed to the book by sharing their love and passion for life. The beautifully composed book shared captivating art of nature, magic and health while reflecting on intrinsic stories of faeries, Celtic rituals, and much more.

Mind Key is thrilled to announce the making of a Second Edition. Focusing on the balance of life and of the human spirit, “Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance” will reflect on the essential equilibrium of light verses darkness. Centering this theme on a gray scale tone and wintery attitude, the visual book will explore the ever changing world, where light and darkness work together to achieve balance and harmony.

The Second Edition of the Anthology will delve deeper into the Mind Key focus. The understanding and mastering of balance is the core of Mind Key’s message to discover what makes us whole individuals and how to achieve a healthier, more passionate life. Charla Dury, a Mind Key member and Anthology contributor, says, “I’m excited about the new Anthology as a place to explore the darkness and the light within myself. I also enjoy watching others’ experiences of the same concept because they’re never the same my own.”

“Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance” will be an 8.5 x 11 glossy photo book, its contents contributed by talented artists of any genre. The Mind Key community and anyone interested in submitting their work is encouraged to do so. Click here to access our submission form, our easy upload tool as well as guidelines and deadlines. Artists will be notified by November 1st if their work has been selected to appear in the Anthology.

As published for Mind Key.  Follow my journey there and the vision of the Mind Key community by subscribing to their blog.

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