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I’m a firm believer that each of us is born with a particular talent. Many of us walk around with untapped potential, but I think it’s still there, hiding somewhere inside of us. For a long time I used to think that it was a treacherous journey to discover our true talent.  What a miracle it’d be to find out what we were meant to do and what our passion really was.

Then I realized it’s not as complicated as I thought.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced several ups and down, and each event has blatantly showed me my talent. It might’ve not presented itself with immense clarity, but it manifested in different forms each time.  The message was always the same: Tamara, use your imagination. Be creative. Go back to writing. Just create. And each time I followed that advice, I healed a painful experience, created opportunities, learned something new, met new people, or discovered a new part of myself.

If you think hard enough, I bet you’ll find a recurring theme in your life. It may be something that helped you through a situation time and time again. Something small and mundane, such as journaling, baking cupcakes, painting, yoga, or anything that brought you an immense source of relief. Maybe some of those inconspicuous activities are not as subtle as you think. They could be an untapped potential waiting to be taken to the next level. Maybe, that’s what you were meant to do.

The journey to discovering your true talent is covered in layers. Each tier is one aspect the talent manifests itself. It could be a simple advice given to a friend that spared them from misery; a letter written to unload negative feelings that brought you immense relief; a drawing you painted that brought a smile to a sick relative. The one thing you can count on is that your talent will always seek you out.  Always.  It’s up to you to reach back and make the connection.  Each layer is part of that discovery and to find the way to the core, you must do one simple thing:

Dig deeper.



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