Life has been a little hectic lately. Focusing on what’s important in my life, what my vision is, and what values I hold dear, helped me get through the last month.

That’s when week 6’s Lifebook lesson came about, perfectly on time. “The Song of Me” was all about creating my personal dream board, a visual reminder of what leads my soul.

In this latest piece, I represented myself in the middle of the page. I placed a little crown on my head as a reminder that I’m worthy and  perfect the way I am.   There is no narcissistic vein in saying that. It’s just that we live in a society where we’re never good enough. We compare ourselves to others, or put up the pretenses of being someone else. What if we loved ourselves the way we are? What if we believed we were royalty, high and dignified, while still humble and gentle?

The dove carrying a branch is a deep reminder of my connection to God.  I live a spiritual life, full of twists and turns, but hanging on to my faith makes me very grounded.  This faith guides my life, showing me the way and speaking to me with clarity.

Ad Maiora is the Latin translation to “Greater Things Are Ahead.”  I find these words very important.  As someone who struggles with either living in the past or forecasting the future, I tend to get wrapped up in ‘what will come next.’  It’s important to be in the present and live in the now.  Ad Maiora reminds me that I have a bright future ahead and that I can trust my life is heading in the right direction.

Equally important is my love of family.  I decided to draw in a house because  it represent the hearth.  Hearth is the very center of one’s life.  It can provide shelter, safety, consistency, and most importantly love.  I consider my home a sanctuary, the one place where I experience unconditional love and protection.

My dream board wouldn’t be complete without a nod to creativity.  Imagination and story telling, either through writing or  art, are a huge part of me.  I can’t go one day without creating something personal and unique and it’s essential to me as oxygen.

Connecting with nature has been a recent addition.  I’ve never been an outdoor person, but lately nature has been calling me.  Last weekend I went on a nature walk at a local park.  Immersed in the woodsy greenery, I felt renewed.  There is so much that nature can heal, both physically and mentally.  A strong connection between nature and health has been researched and proven by countless articles.    Being in the middle of it, breathing in the organic aroma and feeling the wide open space, quiets the soul and nourishes the mind.

I decided to paint two triangle tops on my forehand, an ancient Viking symbol.  This rune means “Create Your Own Reality”.  I found this so fitting for what I’m going through right now.  As I awakened into a brand new phase of my life, one that yearns to follow my dreams and be who I was meant to be, I realize more than ever how important it is to manifest the life you wish to have.

Creating a visual reminder isn’t about wishful thinking.  It is a manifestation of who you are in the world, what you stand for, what makes you whole, and what inspires your life.  It is a freeing experience and highly therapeutic.

What would your dream board have?  What do you manifest in your own life?






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