It’s important to connect with other people, especially the ones trying to accomplish the same dream as you. For me, connection means networking with other authors, publishers, graphic designers, and people who are journeying on the same path.

I’m almost finished with the first round of editing my book. This is such an exciting (and overwhelming) time because I can see the finish line. I’m stumbling on two clumsy feet, trying to reach the goal I’ve set for myself… but I’m moving ahead. The way there isn’t easy, folks, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Soon, I’ll be looking for a professional editor and I can’t wait to begin these final stages. There’s a wonderful power in seeing your dream materialize in front of you.

What does it really take to become an author? What steps can you take to increase your chances for success?   

The past week I took two important steps and I want to share them with you.

Get out there! Meet other writers and like-minded people…IN PERSON.

Last Saturday my local library hosted the workshop, “How to Publish Your Book.”   I learned so much about self-publishing platforms, profit, copyrights, and even connected with other local writers who provided referrals to editors and book cover designers. I love social media and the way it connects you with others, but there’s no replacement for face-to-face networking. Although I’m usually too shy or way too busy to attend any local workshop or event, I realized that stepping out of my comfort zone PAYS OFF!

Check with your local libraries and bookstores and see if they have any events you may be interested in. Find local writers group and network with them. When you meet fellow writers in the flesh, there is a special connection. You realize their dreams, fears, and hopes make them as vulnerable as you. Being in the present and mingling in a group helps you tear down the walls of doubt. You can’t hide behind a screen, and you have to give these people as much as they give to you.

Find a program that SUPPORTS, ENCOURAGES, and CONNECTS you to the right people.

The second best thing I’ve done for myself this past week was joining a program tailored for me, the WRITER. There are so many groups out there, especially on Facebook. Some of them are really inspirational, but ask yourself what it is you need exactly. Do you want general inspiration to keep you motivated or are you looking for a group that tailors their program to writers? I just joined the Author Transformation Alliance, a program through The Write Services, a mentorship that helps writers succeed. The program offers a variety of services, like mentorship on writing the book, building social media presence, planning every step to achieve your goal, publishing your book, growing a fan base, and focusing on sales. It’s so important to have this knowledge and support behind you, especially if you plan to self-publish your book.

Be choosy with whom you entrust your time and money. Ask questions before signing up, read testimonials, and check out their resources. Do they only give you some pieces of the puzzle, or do they provide help for every step of the process?

I love connecting with other writers. I want to encourage them, support them, and learn from them. I truly believe that we can help each other build high platforms to reach our dreams.

Are you a writer?

Do you want to write a book?

Have you written one already and want to publish it?

Do you want to talk, learn, and get inspiration from other authors?

Why not do it together? Connect with me and let’s make our dreams happen!

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