Change is hard and scary—but it’s here, now, and it needs to happen.

On Monday I shared with you some new changes in my life. I talked about my journey in dealing with anxiety, which led me to become an author. Writing my YA fantasy book, The Forest House (link), is the result of believing in myself after so many years of self-doubt. Going through this crucial transformation has made me happier than ever, but the process is always ongoing.

I had my ups and down coping with anxiety—but once I did, I realized I was destined for bigger, greater things. I think of anxiety as a heavy curtain shielding you from the rest of the world. Once the curtain is split open and everything becomes clearer, there’s another journey to take. This is when you take steps towards your dreams and goals, without the crippling fear of anxiety. But what is the next phase? For me it was finding a support system, people that encourage me and help me become a better version of myself.

Once I came to terms with my anxiety, I joined various groups hoping to find like-minded creative people, but I couldn’t connect with most of them. I joined local workshops and read different self-help books, but again, I was missing the target. I felt lost and unsure how to create a better version of myself.

Until I stumbled on a yearlong workshop where dozens of mixed media artists from around the world teach weekly art lessons. Immediately, I was hooked. The program didn’t just promise to enhance my artistic skills but advocated for self-love, healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. So I took the plunge and connected with so many lovely people.

One of the lessons started with a guided meditation. It was about finding a sacred place deep inside my heart, a feeling of safety and belonging. Right away, I felt an immediate sense of peace and I began to cry. When I let my guard down and entered my sacred space, I thought of myself as a little girl. Suddenly, everything made sense. The years of sadness, the suppression of feelings, the loneliness, the anxiety that kept me simmering, and the dreams I’d given up on.

Those were real, validated feelings. Now surrounded by women who struggled with the same things I did, I looked deeper within myself. I connected with fellow sisters who were as vulnerable as me, trying to find their way in the world.

In the months that followed, I realized that my dream as a young child was to be a storyteller. The workshop gave me more than artistic skills and soul searching—it gave me a tribe.

That’s why I decided to create my tribe; because we all need to embrace the need to fall, curse out loud, cry on the floor, clean out your friends’ list, and then find the resources—and people—that pull you up little by little. Being part of my tribe means honoring yourself while losing yourself in a book, connecting with fellow sisters, and dig into your untapped potential.

Now that you know the shift in my life, I hope you’re inspired to make some changes in yours. But…in order to do that, you have to sign up to my TRIBE list.

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So, what are you waiting for, sista? Your tribe is waiting.

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