I often debate whether to share things that aren’t…well, bookish. As a reader, and someone who decided to join my VIP tribe, I know you want to learn about books and things that inspire you. But it’s for that very reason that I feel it’s so important to share the following message with you. First, because I wouldn’t remain true to myself if I felt the urge to share something but held back because I wanted to keep thing strictly ‘book related’.

Inspiration goes beyond reading a book or signing up for a giveaway. I know you love vampires, young adult fantasy, and anything bookish, but even as a reader you are more than that. I don’t see you as a number, as someone who just lives off books alone (although that would be magnificent, huh?)

The truth is I see you as a uniquely refined human being, a complex dreamer, a soul centering your life on what keeps you happy and fulfilled. You have dreams of your own, a calling that only you can answer. So listen up, because I think this is something you need to hear…but possibly may not like.

First, a little pretext so you understand why I feel called to share this message with you. Recently, I heard a highly talented, ambitious, creative person say that they are throwing in the towel. I would be extremely sympathetic to their grievances of exhaustion, of being stretched too thin, and the many excuses as to why they are failing. Hell, I know what that feels like. Some days I run in circles wondering if I’m spinning my wheels for nothing. So yeah, I get it. But here’s the problem. It isn’t the first time I’ve heard these complaints from this same individual, and actually, it’s something that seems to be contagious among many entrepreneurs. I find it sad that as women we make so many excuses as to why we can’t go on with something, why we need to fall back, over and over again.

Then I started thinking about my own journey, full of insecurities and setbacks. Maybe not so long ago, I was the same person making the same excuses as to why I wasn’t moving forward with my business, why I wasn’t finishing my books and selling them. Those reasons came back to me, clear as a bell: I’m not good enough. I have a family and that means I have time for nothing else. I don’t have the support I need. I don’t have enough money to make this dream a reality.

Those excuses are big, catastrophic lies we tell ourselves. It’s the safety net, the security blanket, and the lame excuse we often use to validate our setbacks. I used them too and maybe you are familiar with them as well. Here’s what I did in order to move on, sustain myself as a healthy, fulfilled individual, and grow my authorship.

• I stopped making excuses for my inability to succeed. Remember, success comes in many packages, some big and some small. It doesn’t matter the size, the point is that you, along with the rest of the billions of people on earth, can make success happen. There’s no excuse as to not to achieve your goal in life. If Albert Einstein did, despite his teachers declaring him mentally slow from an early age, so can you. If JK Rowling did, despite struggling as a single mother and suffering from depression, so can you. If I can write a seventy thousand word novel and publish it as an indie author, so can you, friend.

• I stopped pursuing dozens of ideas that would hopefully make me wildly successful, and just focused on ONE that actually resonated with my current phase in life, my values, and that was the easiest to achieve.

• Before I searched for help, validation, and support from others, I asked my inner self to get healthy, balanced, and clear on my visions. That’s step one. Your life or business will never align with you if you constantly need someone else to validate you or lead you by the hand. Pull yourself up. Each day make a change in your life, just a small one. Do it on your own, for yourself. And this ties in with the last realization;

• My call to be an author was first a FULFILLMENT I pursued in order to make myself happy. Then, after I learned to use my writing to heal myself, enrich my life, and balance out, I started to treat it as a BUSINESS. Only when I was at a great place in life, mentally, physically, and spiritually, could I get laser focused on how I could grow an authorship to serve others.

Throwing in the towel, retreating, blaming others, time, money, or life situation won’t help us grow. Just uttering those excuses will make the universe deliver us just that: poor finances, less time, unhappy relationships, and empty dreams.

There is nothing that you can’t achieve if you get organized, inspired, devoted, tenacious, and determined about it. Get bulletproof. Don’t throw yourself a pity party. Throw yourself an “I’m going to be a badass and crush my goals” party. Get serious about becoming the best version of yourself, on your own, for yourself.

Don’t waste your time complaining why you can’t succeed. Waste your excuses.

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