About Tamara

I’ve been a storyteller all of my life but for a long time, I hid it as a shameful secret.

I’ve always been surrounded by very analytical, corporate oriented people—something that made me feel like I needed to be more like them. Being artistic, loving to write and create art, made me feel like I didn’t belong. Following the mainstream, I joined the corporate world, in an effort to work a sensible and concrete career. Bills needed to be paid and ladders needed to be climbed—how else would I ever succeed in life?

I was good at my corporate job but inside I felt like part of me was dying. I knew there was more than a nine to five job sitting at a desk, that there was beauty, whimsy, and magic in the world, just waiting for me to explore it. So I stole moments to write fictional work, on my lunch breaks or at bedtime. It was the sweet release my soul needed, tired of methodically living my life as everyone thought I should. The more I indulged the calling to be artistic, the more I realized that being a creative was not only a hobby—but also an obligation to myself.

But writing was much more than that. Throughout my life, I dealt with different trauma and challenges. Finding healing and support in the written word, I relied on creativity to escape my troubles. When the world around me crumbled to pieces, I could always hide in my journals and stories, trusty companions that sheltered me from pain.

My love for writing has given me many opportunities: from being published in Anthologies, writing as a columnist and acquisition editor, becoming a contributor to magazines and local publications, and teaching writing workshops at the local libraries. Now, I’m tackling my latest goal as a YA fantasy author, a lifelong dream materializing right in front of my eyes. Writing The Forest House is a tangible manifestation of my journey and the way I’ve overcome my obstacles.

From dealing with anxiety to challenging life events, my journey has taken me on different paths. They all led to where I am now.

I’m an author, a mental health advocate, and a complex dreamer. I found my tribe, something you’ll hear me talk a lot about, a support system, and a way to be the best version of myself.

I truly hope that as I share my journey, advice, and milestones, you will see the beauty living within you. I’m not a life coach or a business mentor, but I offer real, raw, humble, experiences that may reflect your own struggles, dreams, and hopes.


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