About Tamara

I’m a Storyteller, which means I’m a complex dreamer, a vulnerable woman honoring her inner child, and a creative soul. My stories are more than a pastime. I’ve used the written word ever since I can remember, letting it soothe me, guide me, and provide an outlet for me when I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. After losing myself in the corporate world, I had wondered why I was never truly happy. It wasn’t until I reconnected to my true calling – writing – that I felt I’d found my place in the world.

My love for writing has led me down different creative paths: being published in Anthologies, writing as a columnist and acquisition editor, becoming a contributor to magazines and local publications, and teaching writing workshops at the local libraries.

Throughout my teen years I had had no idea what I would do after high school. I remember graduating as a Senior with both excitement and disappointment. I was happy to enter the adult world, but I still had no idea what I wanted to pursue.  My college years were spent changing major after major and then working in corporate America just because it felt like it was the right thing to do. Feeling unfulfilled, I struggled to understand why I didn’t love my job, or, better yet, why could I not find one that just made me happy? I even started a Bachelors program in European History — because I love anything historical, following that interest seemed a good choice — only to stop halfway through the degree, unable to connect with the decision to pursue it.

My motto quickly became, “Hey, I’m practically half degreed in ten major areas! I can do it all!” It was somewhat true: my indecisiveness had led me into several different studies, such as child psychology, history, international languages, human resources, and even dentistry! But deep inside, I felt like a failure. Why did everyone else hear their life calling their names, while I could barely figure out who I was? That was the one million dollar question. Before finding the right career to pursue, I needed to figure out what made me happy in the first place. The answer had been staring me in the face all of my life.

The one steady thing throughout my life has always been writing. My earliest childhood memories included writing countless Sailor Moon fan fiction stories. I’d create these elaborate plots about different planets, love stories, and the guardians that worked together for love and justice. Eventually, my love for writing grew into poems and original fiction stories. During a difficult phase of my life, writing became my lifeline. In my early teenage years, my family moved from Italy to the USA, a major life-changing event. It was very traumatic for me to fit in in a culture I couldn’t understand, and the first years were incredibly hard on me. That’s when writing became more than a hobby; it became a way to heal from my reality, help me cope with the feeling of not belonging, and in a way, lose my identity.

It was many years later that I would realize that writing had been the one stable presence in my life, one that healed and enriched me in every aspect.

The power of the written word transformed me from a child to a teen and eventually to a grown up. Realizing that writing fulfills and has fulfilled me in so many ways, I knew that that was my calling, something that it had been implanted in my heart from the day I was born.

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