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Meditation Girl

Meditation Girl was born out of a recent Lifebook 2017 lesson.  I instantly fell in love with this little lady and I just love the way she turned out.  The lesson focused on the gifts […]

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“The Guardian”

Oh, the far reaches of the earth past the moon and stars, The galaxy awaits, home to none. Oh, the far reaches of the earth past the wind, hail, and sun, the galaxy awaits, home to […]

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Gratitude and Friendship

Hello friends! Today I bring you a short blog, sharing two of my recent works.  I’m not able to focus on one art project at a time.  I need stimulation from different works, jumping from […]

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The Two Ladies

I dedicated the past week to  seeing what “fell” from my paintbrush.  This is my favorite kind of art process.  Just seeing where my art takes me, without planning and without worrying.  Two different ladies […]

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Manifest Your Life: A Dream Board

Life has been a little hectic lately. Focusing on what’s important in my life, what my vision is, and what values I hold dear, helped me get through the last month. That’s when week 6’s […]

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Fall in Love With Stick Figures Again

This week was long, tiring, and freakin’ awesome. I’m so amazed at the changes taking place in my life right now. I wanted to end the week by sharing with you this week’s artistic accomplishment, […]

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Emerging from the Mess: “The Person I Know Best”

What a week this has been. Throughout the hectic schedules and running around to a million places, I knew I had to complete this week’s Lifebook lesson. Of course, I didn’t have to, but I […]

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An Inky Mess: Th(Ink) Positive Cards

This past weekend I tackled a messy, inky, terrific project. The best part of it was that my teenage daughter joined me. As a bonus Lifebook 2017 lesson hosted by Andrea Gomoll, we created our […]

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The Hummingbird: Positive Affirmations Through Art

The second week of January comes to an end and as promised I’m journaling my experience with Lifebook. Last week I introduced you to Lifebook, a new journey of mine, a yearlong workshop hosted by Tamara Laporte, […]

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2017: Hopes, Dreams, and Art

  2017 is here and like many of you I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What did 2016 bring me and what am I happy to leave behind? There hasn’t been an awful lot […]

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