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The Teacher I’ll Never Forget

Mrs. Brischetto’s breath reeked of coffee and cigarettes.  Her face was inches away from mine, infuriated eyes glaring behind huge glasses.  Frustration settled in every wrinkle on her face and her arms flailed in the […]

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The Real Emancipated Woman

“But Mom, you don’t work,” is what I heard from the backseat. It was the answer given to the recap of my day as a reason for my exhaustion.  I had done five loads of laundry, […]

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Nature Connectedness

  The history of humankind is impossible to understand, or even validate, without acknowledging the evolution of man in the natural settings. Since the beginning of time our ancestors relied on nature to provide them […]

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The Spiritual Connection To Writing

There’s a spiritual connection that comes from writing and it harbors a strong inner enlightenment. I began writing at a very early age. I wrote about everything—stories of fairies, fashion tips, recipes, manga, personal journals […]

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The Perfect Summer Wedding

The love bug can strike at any time of the year and so can the wonderful question: will you marry me? The date selected for the wedding, however, is very carefully picked out by all […]

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The Art To Convey Emotion Through Your Characters

Last night I downloaded a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.  Today I picked up the book and decided to give it a go.  […]

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Fall Fever

Article published in the November Issue of The Heron by Tamara Rokicki What is it about the Autumn season that thrusts us into a frenzy to dig up our fall décor and shop for sweaters […]

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Pretty Little Mess

  Little girls are vulnerable.  A moment of self doubt and their entire world crumbles down.  I know that because  twenty eight years later I am still that little insecure girl who thinks she’s too […]

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The Creation of A New Novel

Most writers are “courageous” enough to write one novel in their entire life.  Then there is me, the writer who writes not one but two novels…at the same time.  Yes, you’ve read correctly.  I’m simultaneously […]

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Victorian Era: A Lost Romance

  I find that there are several old practices that are no longer floating around in our modernized world.  Things of the past, people of an ancient society, rules and mannerism too dated to have […]

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