I’m Moving On. Are You Coming Along?

Change is hard and scary—but it’s here, now, and it needs to happen. On Monday I shared with you some new changes in my life. I talked about my journey in dealing with anxiety, which led me to become an author. Writing my YA fantasy book, The Forest House (link), is...

Anxiety broke me. Now, it gave me a TRIBE.

Anxiety made me a broken person. Once I healed, I discovered the real me. So much has changed in the past years. The single, most pivotal event that prompted these changes was coming to terms with my anxiety. After spending most of my life living in fear and...

Recovering From Hurricane Irma

Here in Florida, we’ve had a rough week. As most of you know, we had an unpleasant visit from Hurricane Irma. I haven’t been on social media for over a week due to preparations, taking shelter, getting back on my feet, and let’s be...

The Mystery Blogger Award

Ahh, I’m so honored to be nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award! It makes me very giddy. Huge thanks to Wit & Travesty for your nomination. The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto Enigma. According to the creator “this award is for amazing bloggers with...
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Dealing with anxiety and a dysfunctional family is bad enough, but it gets worse when Hera is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious house secluded in the middle of a forest.

There she meets Aethen, the leader of the Ashar Coven, claiming to be a psychic vampire who feeds on human energy.

If that’s not shocking enough, he insists that not only is she a psychic vampire as well, but also the High Priestess destined to lead the fight in a supernatural war.

The Ashar Prophecy declares that Hera will Awaken in order to save her kind. If she fails, her people will be destroyed, shattering a long, intricate past.

Hera’s role--and survival--become more complicated as her attraction to Aethen grows stronger each day.

Hera is now trapped in a war between two vampire factions; one vicious and bloodthirsty, the other territorial and shrouded in secrets.  Her future--and the future of her coven--rests in her hands.


Will she find the strength to fulfill her destiny even if the secrets surrounding the Ashar Prophecy hide a terrible truth?

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