The Forest House

The Forest House (book one of The Ashar Prophecies) is a YA fantasy book debuting Fall 2017.

An anxiety disorder and a dysfunctional family are more than Hera can handle.  But she has bigger problems to face when she’s abducted from her home and taken to a secret forest house.

Hera is a teenager living in constant fear.  Fear that her anxiety disorder will drive her insane, that her family will fall apart, and that she’ll never be loved.  

Aethen enters her life with the shocking revelation about psychic vampires, people who feed on life energy, and a Prophecy claiming she’s the High Priestess of their kind.  Will this shocking discovery help Hera become the leader she needs to be, or will it destroy her?

Trapped in the middle of a war between psychic and blood vampires, Hera must make a choice: fulfill her destiny no matter the risks or try and live a normal life.

A story that intertwines psychic and blood vampires, magic, and the search for strength amid the ashes of loss and self-doubt.


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