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I’m always happy to collaborate with fellow authors and to help aspiring writers.

One of the services I provide is PROFESSIONAL PROOFREADING

As a professional proofreader, I will go through your manuscript with one ultimate goal in mind: to polish your novel so that it flows from chapter to chapter, to provide feedback from the eyes of an unbiased reader, to analyze characters, plot, dialogue, and emotional stakes within your story. I also fix obvious grammatical errors with sentence flows, spelling, and structure.

My strength lies in fictional work and includes most genres.

What does a professional proofreader NOT include?

A professional proofreading service does not offer (and does not substitute) professional line editing, historical accuracy, and in-depth professional editing.

Why choose a professional proofreader and not a professional editor?

The two are not exclusive. A professional proofreader focuses on the content of the story and its flow. For example:

Is the novel engaging? Does it make sense? Are the characters relatable? Does it have a sustainable plot or plot holes? As a reader, what would I want to see improve? Do I even care to finish the book? What keeps me interested? What makes me yawn? Is the pace efficient or does the book take too long in getting to the point?

That said, if you’re looking to publish a book, I strongly advise you to hire you a professional editor IN ADDITION to a professional proofreader. The latter can help you go through the first drafts and structures of your story, while the first will tie up everything together by polishing everything with line and content editing.

The perk of hiring a professional proofreader is that they usually cost less than a professional editor, while still helping you draft the best possible story.

Why pay for a proofreader when I can find one for free?
You can find free beta readers, but the result may or may not be what you expect. When you invest time, energy, and often money into writing a novel, you want a serious and honest review of your work from an unbiased opinion. You also expect your reviewer to treat your novel with genuine care, professionalism, and tenderness. With me, you aren’t giving your manuscript away to just anyone. As an author myself, I understand how valuable your work is and I take it very seriously. That means that unlike unpaid beta readers who can be unpredictable and unreliable, I will set up a contract to work on your novel and schedule a deadline so you know when to expect my feedback.

For questions on rates, please email me at

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